Food Analysis – Textbook 5th Edition – *NEW*

Food Analysis – Reinhard Matissek, Gabriele Steiner, Markus Fischer
2014, Fully Revised 5th Edition, Paperback, Springer-Spektrum,
ISBN 978-3-642-34828-0, ISBN 978-3-642-34829-7 (eBook)

“For an analyst, nothing is more important than knowing what, when, and how to analyse something – and knowing the significance of the result.”
(Reinhard Matissek)

Food analysis expertise requires understanding and using both state-of-the-art instrumental analytical techniques as well as classical, conventional methods. Training methodical-strategic approaches is just as relevant as the ability to assess and evaluate methods and results. The fifth edition of this textbook was thoroughly modernised and substantially expanded. State-of-the-art analytes were added, for example 3-MCPD ester, HMF, nitrosamines, and key instrumental techniques such as real-time PCR, NMR, HPTLC, and denaturing HPLC. The book’s holistic approach is complemented by chapters on the evaluation of methods and results and on quality management.
Clearly and understandably formulated work instructions enable determination of the major and minor components of a foodstuff as well as of additives and contaminants. Proof of authenticity and proof of origin are possible. Selection of the right analytical procedure, a quick finding of analytes, agents, and equipment as well as a good overview is facilitated by the consistent structure of the chapters:
- information on the chemical-analytical background
- principal of the method / underlying reactions
- tried and tested procedural instructions
- advice on assessing and evaluating the results
- tips and tricks for use in practice

Students of Food Chemistry, Food Technology, Nutrition Science, and other Life Sciences stand to benefit from this book. Practitioners in the fields of Quality Management and Research & Development in the various food chemistry facility run by industrial companies, public authorities, trade laboratories, and universities will find it a useful workbook and reference source.

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Matissek, Food Chemistry Institute (LCI) of the Association of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI)
Dr. Gabriele Steiner, Chemical and Veterinary Investigations Office, Stuttgart
Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer, University of Hamburg, Institute of Food Chemistry

SWEET VISION (2014) Vol. 59, Issue 2, p. 8